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HOT NEW ARRIVAL! Blackhead & Blemish Remover

Getting rid of your pesky blackheads can be tricky and could lead to serious infection if not done correctly! 

Get the perfect Blackhead Removal Set:
100% PREMIUM QUALITY-  Dermatologist grade stainless steel means the tips do not bend even after a lifetime of use so you never have to buy another blackhead tweezer again.

PERFECTLY ALIGNED PRECISION TIPS- ensures ease of use so you can pinch, pick up and eliminate the blackhead or pimple every time!
IDEAL SHAPE MEANS A PAIN FREE EXPERIENCE - curved tips of this zit removing tool have been specifically engineered to prevent injury and skin reaction
PERFECT TENSION -  Industry leading spring calibration allows the most comfortable tweezing and ingrown hair treatment for you.




    How to use the Blackhead Tweezers:
    Step 1: Sterilize the tweezers
    Step 2: When squeezed, pressed down blackhead openings in the middle circle, or moved slowly until the hole close to the wire side .If suddenly crowded out, try to change direction.
    Step 3: After use, using toner and clean, delicate skin fresh and clean and smooth. Extrusion coated with a certain thickness of acne cream or sterilized water.

    Attention please:
    1.Please don't use fingernails to press out blemishes when you are removing blackheads, acne, comedone, or fat granule. Squeezing such blemishes by fingernails may cause scars or skin marks.
    2.Overuse could cause some irritation and potentially some scarring.
    3.The tips are razor sharp, if you are not careful you may scratch yourself.