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The Soco Hair Straightening Brush is a ceramic brush that heats itself as it straightens your hair just by brushing it. This brush has an exclusive 3D surface that is significantly wider than conventional combs or flat irons, thus it can style bigger hair sections in every stroke and reduce the straightening time by up to ten times.

For instance, if it usually takes you 30 minutes to straighten your hair, you can do it now in two to three minutes with the Soco Hair Straightening Brush. If it takes you as long as 45 minutes, now you can have smooth, sleek and bouncy hair in as short as 10 to 15 minutes when using the Soco brush. 

Features and Benefits of the SocoHair Straightening Brush:

- Works with all hair types from fine, wavy, curly to kinky hair
- Saves time. It’s much faster than using a straightening iron
- Protects hair from the damaging effects caused by conventional straightening products
- Prevents hair breakage, hair frizz, and split ends
- Precise heat control from 180°C (350°F) ~ 230°C (445°F)
- 100% Anti-Scaled Retains hair shine and preserve hair moisture balance
- Fast heating ceramic plate in a safest, ergonomic and lightweight design
- Auto shut-off after 30 minutes + 360°swivel cord 
- 10 times faster results than traditional hair styling tools and cheaply made competitors

And best of all, it’s very Easy to use 

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