BiteSaw Drill Cutter Adapter

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  • Bitsaw- The best DIY brand and producer of state of the art Cutting tools to make cutting safer, easier and affordable for everyone

    Cut any material like butter with Bitsaw double head sheet metal nibbler cutter. Compatible with any standard drill with ergonomic design for easy control. Anyone can use the cutter by simply inserting the drive shaft into the drill chuck and tightening it. Materials from steel to glass and even tiles and flooring can now be cut in the convenience of your home. The must have DIY tool, it allows for circle cutting and straight cutting and is 360 degrees adjustable. Every purchase comes with extra parts and portable case.


    • Cuts with precision and without burrs and edges
    • Ideal to use in car repair and metal sheet cutting
    • Capable of straight and circle cutting
    • Easy to maneuver with ergonomic design
    • Durable and safe to use
    • Easy to operate and stock
    • Cuts in any angle and direction
    • Capable of cutting iron plate with 1.8mm thickness, stainless steel with 1.2mm, plastic with 2mm and copper with 2mm
    • Has a 12mm minimum cutting radius
    • Attachable to any drill with 1500-300rpm power



    Each Purchase Includes

    • Hex key
    • Iron case
    • Nibber punch
    • Nibber Cutter
    • Plastic handle
    • User manual

    Customer Questions and Answers

    1.       Can Bitesaw cut steel oil drums?

    The cutter can cut through a steel sheet of a maximum thickness of 1.8mm

    1.       Can it cut through wood?

    It can only cut through wood that is 1/8 inches thick or less

    1.       Can it cut through PVC pipes?

    Yes, it should work well for PVC pipes.

    1.       Are replacement parts available for this item?

    We will soon be selling replacement parts for this item

    1.       Can the drill be attached to other devices such as Dremmel?

    No. BiteSaw is only compatible with electric and pneumatic drills.

    1.       Can it cut leather or fabric?

    No. The Bitsaw is designed to cut metal and other materials mentioned in the product description. It will not cut leather or fabric.