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The Drill Brush Set will do all the heavy-duty cleaning you'll need.  This set attaches to any standard drill and it will really dig in deep for cleaning.  It's a genius invention that makes it easy to really scrub something down.

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Key Benefits:




  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORT: Let the drill do the work for you. These brushes are easy to use and are proven to save time. Just attach them to your cordless drill and spare your hands and joints the pain of scrubbing.
  • KIT INCLUDES: 3 medium-duty nylon brushes to meet a wide variety of cleaning surfaces. BONUS: Two light duty white and two medium-duty red scrub pads along with a drill backing plate and drill shaft. DRILL NOT INCLUDED.
  • PERFECT FOR: Bathtubs, sinks, shower door tracks, tiles, grout cleaning. Additionally, Scrubs can be used for removing mineral deposit from cookware and kitchen sinks.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Fits any power drill. They will not damage your drill and are safe to use.









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