Bathroom Organizer Toothbrush Holder

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The Simple Caddy makes it easy for you to put all your toiletries on the wall, making it easier for you to grab while you’re in the bathroom or shower.  Its silicone build makes it easy to stick on walls, staying sturdy and steady until you peel it off.  It's the perfect caddy companion for all your bathroom need.


Key Benefits:




  • A silicone self-adhesive organizer for small bathroom items is lightweight, Room enough for one large toothpaste, multiple toothbrushes and razor.
  • There are some little holes on the bottom of this Toothbrush Holder, custom drainage system allows for water to drain and dry.
  • Clean up the back side and drop some water on it, and place onto the mirror surface. Also some shiny surfaces, such as glass, tiles and marble.
  • Made of high quality silicone, safe & hygienic, easy to clean, dishwasher friendly, waterproof.
  • Save your space, create instant storage space above your bathroom vanity on the mirror.










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