Flying Fidget Spinner

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Flying Fidget Spinner is a revolutionized version of fidget spinner. It is the outcome of a series of building and designed with the purpose of creating something more than a toy. It is the next hype object. Flying Fidget Spinner, the electric fidget that hovers in the air. It will not get lost because of the boomerang effect, it will fly right into your hands.

Key benefits:

  • HOTTEST NEW FIDGET SPINNER in 2018: Compared with traditional fidget spinner, Ego life Flying Fidget Spinner can not only spin but also fly and rotate in the air and then get back to you.
  • ANTI-ANXIETY STRESS RELIEF: When you are alone, you might be bored or anxious. Ego life Flying Fidget Spinner is perfect for you to redirect your consciousness and help reduce anxiety, depression.
  • MORE INTERACTION WITH FRIENDS OR IN FAMILY: It allows you and your family or friends to play together to get more fun and enhance the interaction relationship between each other. Good item to kill boring time Outdoor.
  • 4 OPERATION MODE & EASY TO PLAY: Suspended mode, boomerang mode, low altitude mode and dive mode for your choice. Keep the logo side upward then Power ON first, then spin it with clockwise rapidly, it would be rotation automatically, the motors start working and it would be spin automatically, then toss it toward to air slowly, it will fly and come back to you automatically.


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