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Flatten Your Belly, Get Rid of Toxins, Speed Up Your Metabolism & Boost Your Immunity WITHOUT Strict Dieting!


Kickstart your Tea Cleanse Journey with our uniquely formulated 28-Day Herbal Cleanse Program.


This program is uniquely formulated with natural herbal ingredients.


-BEAT FATIGUE. Power through your day with a clean boost of energy, minus side effects like hypertension, nervousness or "jitters."

-DETOXIFY YOUR BODY. Hit toxins where it hurts by drinking 8 cups worth of green tea antioxidants in just ONE cup of SkinnyFit!

-FLATTEN TUMMY. Bare your belly with confidence! Each cup contains ingredients to reduce bloating and calm inflammation.

-REDUCE STRESS. Sip your stress away! With powerful fast acting amino acids and nutrients like polyphenols and L-theanine, just 1 cup has the ability to stop stress in it’s tracks and keep your mind at ease!

-NOURISH SKIN. Dull skin? SkinnyFit is rich in polyphenols to help slow down visible signs of aging and nourish cells with oxygen.

-BURN MORE CALORIES. Feel the burn! The amino acids in SkinnyFit fire up your body's built-in calorie burning process, so you can shed calories even when you're not in the gym.

-BOOST IMMUNITY. The easiest way to get your daily defense! Sickness and colds don't stand a chance against SkinnyFit's 28 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.