12-In-1 Vegetable Cutter Box

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This multifunctional vegetable cutter box will save you hours of arduous kitchen labor. Be able to slice, dice, chop, and grate any vegetable in seconds with its easy-to-use attachments.

Key Benefits:

  • Anti-skid collecting box, handle and grind grater, ABS food grade material, fine workmanship, no rough edges.
  • There is also a receiving slot of collecting the blade, convenient and neat, easy to switch more convenient.
  • There is a slicing guard hand protector, which can insert small food into the grater slicer, without injuring the hand and cut out the fine and broken pieces. And there is a convenient peeler to peel fruit.
  • Suitable for tomatoes, peppers, carrots, radish, beets, cucumber, lime, onions, celery, potatoes, and cheeses.


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