Night Sight7S Polarized Anti-Glare HD Night Driving Glasses

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Night Sight 7S Polarized glasses is a valuable safety gadget that reduces glare at night. With most of accidents happening at night, it has become ever more important for drivers to improve their night vision. Since the glasses have a side lens, they greatly improve peripheral vision. Night Sight 7s is easy to wear even over your prescription eye-wear.

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Key Benefits

  • The glasses have a side lens which improves peripheral vision greatly. Reduced peripheral vision is one of the main problems drivers experience at night.
  • You don’t need to remove your prescription eye-wear. You can simply wear Night Sight 7s over your glasses
  • Get rid of any glare and experience the safest night driving experience possible
  • No need to squint with limited light. Experience night as day with incredibly improved vision.
  • Lightweight and perfect for both men and women. Not to mention it's very affordable!
  • Feel Safe to drive with your family at any time. Darkness will no longer hinder you from enjoy quality family time.


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