Period Simple Menstrual Cup

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The Period Simple Menstrual Cup is a one of kind trendy solution to all your period problems.

Get rid of endless changing tampons and have a one-stop solution that is both cost-effective and eco friendly. Each menstrual cup can be used for 12 hours or even more depending on your flow. Period Simple cups are comfortable, effective and safe to use repeatedly.

There are many ways to manage your periods but our menstural cup is definitely one of a kind. It is designed to be reused and can save you hundreds of $$$ on tampons while saving the environment. 

Watch how period simple works below.


Why would you want to use Period Simple?

  • It's safe for extended use
  • It's cheaper
  • It's environmental friendly
  • It's anti-leak
  • It's hassle free

86% of our customers buy 3 cups or more so they can enjoy FREE Worldwide Shipping and share the fun with friends and family.


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