Tree Man of the Galaxy Avengers Flowerpot

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This cute flowerpot will bring life to any room. The flower pot is a realistic carving of The Tree man from the popular Galaxy Avengers movie. Your plant will look like it is growing out of his head- how cool is that. The pot is not made out of glass so you don’t have to worry about having young ones running around. Perfect for a gift, the pot is safely wrapped so it arrives in one piece. The pot is sturdy and sits perfectly still on any flat surface.

Key Benefits

  • Unique flower pot that will awe your guests. Get away from the boring traditional flower pots and bring life to your home with this edition.
  • Safe for anyone to use. The pot is not made of breakable material so it is perfect for those with kids to have.
  • Kids will love you for it. For a change, have your kids willing to water your plants because of the cool flower pot they are growing in.
  • Sturdy on any flat surface. The pot has a large surface area which guarantees it won’t fall over with the slightest touch.
  • Perfect as a gift. For whatever occasion, men, women and even children will love getting this pot as a gift.

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